New t-shirt Spring 23'

Propaganda's Spring 23 collection is making waves with its latest addition - the "Decapitalism" graphic design. This powerful design is more than just a statement piece for the skate and street wear brand. It brings with it a political message that speaks to the times we live in.

The graphic design features a guillotine standing tall, covering most of the back, with halftone design. This is a bold and daring move by the brand as it evokes powerful imagery and symbolism. The guillotine has been a longstanding symbol of revolution and resistance, harking back to the French Revolution when it was used to execute the ruling class. In more recent times, it has become a symbol of protest against capitalism, inequality and oppression.

The "Decapitalism" graphic design is a play between the words "decapitatate" and "capitalism" - a term used to describe the dismantling of the current capitalist system. It's a call to action for people to challenge the status quo and envision a world without capitalism. This is a message that is particularly relevant in today's world, where the wealth gap continues to widen and more people are facing economic hardship. Do you see the link? Guessing most of you actually feel decapitated by capitalim...

The design is available in black, with a chest small text print that hits hard and complements the strong back print. The square propaganda woven red label at the low net the hem at the front completes the look, adding a touch of the brand's aesthetic. Made from 100% premium cotton, this t-shirt is not only stylish but also comfortable and durable.

Propaganda is known for its bold and daring designs that push boundaries and challenge norms. The "Decapitalism" graphic design is no exception. It is a powerful statement piece that will resonate with the brand's audience, who are often politically engaged and socially conscious.

Overall, the "Decapitalism" graphic design is a testament to the power of fashion to convey a message and spark conversations. It's a bold move by Propaganda to take a stance on a contentious issue and challenge people to think critically about the current economic system. This design is not just a product, but a statement that speaks to the brand's values and ethos.